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Outside the ordinary..

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Captain Jack lives out in Willis..spent his long life on the ocean waves..has a nice collection of oriental rugs acquired from his travels.

       They get dirty..he calls. We have been working with his rugs for a long time. He calls again. . 

        A full sized pilot wheel stands perched on a sturdy stand a step  near his rocking chair near a big bay window on the shadeside of the house.. 2 overgrown stock ponds down there below. Nice view. 

      I love to fish and the subject comes up. Yep he says I stocked those ponds  years ago.. Some whoppers in there now.. my knees won't let me go down there anymore. Your welcomes to try your luck. Just follow that cow trail..watch out for snakes..wear boots. 

        Just then a huge fish jumped out of the water and fell back with a great splash and then another as a set of massive gator jaws fell on their prey. .Well you know Captain that looks like fun and I will be back for the challenge..and I definitely will be adding a really big stick to my fishin' tackle.  



 Customer : Happy multi-ethnic business team celebrating a sucess

A clinic near Spring had a depressingly dirty waiting room rug and walls need painting too. Staff looked depressed too. Painters were coming in. Rug needed work too..our job.

    Well the rug indeed was a bit challenging but with a diehard never say can't effort it actually cleaned up nice. They must have just started the thought of a Christmas party when we returned. Everybody seemed in good spirits. Fresh paint. Now a clean rug. Lights twinkling amidst ornaments dangling from a fresh cut evergreen in the corner..smelled wonderful..the last ornament being placed on by a lady in scrubs with a flair of pride. She turned and bent over to turn up the volume on some really jive Holiday beat music . Seasons greetings one and all! 

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This was undoubtedly the strangest event ever. A crisp cool Saturday morning ..Halloween decorations up everywhere intermixed with Renaissance ambiance.

    There it is like the memory a year back..a sizeable Victorian mansion snuggled in the woods north of Spring.

    We hallooed an open set of French doors at the side entrance just up from the big driveway where we parked. Someone was singing opera soprano beautifully near the doors just to the left. The songster was a truly beautiful cockatiel parrot singing its heart out perched and doing a bouncing choreography atop an ornate white antique birdcage..It was fanning its colorful head dress of feathers at our approach. 

      That beautiful white persian cat was curled up so fluffy and serene in its favorite hand carved high backed Louis IV chair just as I had remembered it the year before. De je Vu.   Persian Cat Sleeping : White cat asleep on a black background

     That old cat box fragrance I remembered from last year was gone. Great!  Didn't miss it. A year prior I had mentioned what another customer enthusiastically had shared about her cat problem..she had added a  second catbox which had worked beautifully.

      Just a year had passed since that rather expensive and beautiful white Persian curled up so peacefully in the chair over there had been misbehaving rather badly on those lovely and expensive oriental rugs . She had been very very not happy with the cat at the time.

     So I mentioned the 2nd cat box idea. It had worked for the other lady.   She shifted uncomfortably as I posed the question and taking in a deep breath followed by a half smile said..He really is such a beautiful cat .. very expensive.. so beautiful ..she said as her voice trailed off for a moment and then she continued..As you can see I kept him anyway. The second box did not work. He is such a beautiful cat anyway.. but really I don't have any problems with him anymore and there is absolutely no fuss or bother. I had him stuffed. I like him so much better now.

          I made no comment and carefully averted my gaze ..a paradigm shift coming on with a sudden chill . Well Roy Roger did stuff trigger I thought..and shook it off.  

     Just then the parrot sitting on the ornate antique cage started singing sweetly ..like a professional opera star flawlessly and with perfect pitch. 

     Reflecting back I recall that was actually the best and most thorough rug cleaning job for her we had ever performed. The parrot was still intact when we returned singing  better than ever with some new choreography implemented.. parrot pirouets? Break dancing.. Amazing ! Nah..but the cat was really still stuffed.

       A few days later we received another call from the one who had mentioned how successful the second cat box idea and how it had worked. However I could still smell the old problem wafting odiously to my nostrils and my curiosity was piqued. I looked over at her normal short hair black and white cat curled up under the twinkling Christmas tree. My curiosity drew me closer for a better look. It was indeed sleeping very peacefully. . and it was very badly stuffed.  I said nothing.


Truth can be strange..and even downright scary at times.  You can put the peculiar truth in a great script and will be tossed out as unrealistic ..far fetched..unbelievable.. and write something completely fictional and have it accepted. Well anyway..we got to Tomball and the good ol boy past customer I would have enjoyed as a good fishin buddy because he was not talkative and would not scare the fish and get on your nerves  just smiled and said what other good ol boys just love to hear and it made my day..

Rugs look good .. 

Well that is not all entirely .He actually did tell me a very good joke. I laughed. That makes it a good joke. Right? Genuine laughter.

He says.. What do you call a boomerang that don't come back. I said..whut? And he said..

Stick     (everytime life gets too serious I have to rethink that one..)

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  Flood : floodGalveston O Galveston !                                                                                                                                             

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                                                                                                                           Every day rain or shine I walk my dog in Memorial Park. Told my neighbor about you. 
She said she would call. I'm sure she will after she sees these rugs.  They look really good!


     grandma: ooh a nice glass of milk for a pretty woman senior

Before writing the check for our services she turned to me from her small antique desk in study with shelves of well-read books packed neatly behind her..she turned to me and reflected softly..you know Duane its been 25 years you have been cleaning my (18) oriental rugs..

      The thought struck deeper with the realization as the ancient grandfather clock nearby chimed out in that defining moment..Wow! Fugit Tempus.


 Oak Tree : Little girl stands at the base of a very large oak tree and looks up. Stock Photo   One a big rain storm blasted out of the gulf waters and into a hot summer Woodlands  night..         Standing in her big old ranch sunroom  Miss V watched the approaching tempest much as generations of her folks had done before her. The beautiful violence of the elements unfolded before her as she stared out the old bay windows. An ancent and mighty oak  planted by generations past stood tall and mighty a testamony of the rich Texas history in her blood. 

       Chain lightening silouetted the sturdy oak and she shuddered as the flash lit up her face. It was followed by a prompt resounding boom. Too close for comfort she  thought as she jerked and turned quickly to seek her cozy bedroom in the next room. 

       Just as she exited and turned into the short hall to her bedroom a terrifying crash came from the sunroom and glass splattered the hallway entrance wall just behind her and narrowly missing where she had been just a stride before. 

She turned back to see what the heck had happened and suspended by the brickwall that supported the bay windows was that massive oak tree..right over her big oriental rug ..right where she had been standing just moments before!

      The next day she thumbed through her personal address book and found our phone number. We boogied out there and carefully removed the rug sopping wet and with glass and storm debris.. It lay just under that big oak unscathed . Close call for lady and rug..but sadly not the historical oak.

      Since then she has had a big bench seat and a table made out of the felled oak..furniture with quite a tale to tell.



COWGIRL PRESENTING: model presenting showcasing with hand

Customer out in Bellaire remarks to her gentle pit bull. Ya know Mo.. That patch looks better than that ugly hole. Not a perfect match but it works..actually blends in looks better. I think my Gran would have approved,


 Rug Sew : Hands work a hook in hug hooking craft.








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Expert WASH / Final PoweRINSE


MaxWash 3100  Way above standard (300psi) systems.



                                                     Absolutely the best cleaning in the Houston area


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Enlarged photo of a Dust Mite commonly found in rugs. Our Power Rinse (3100psi vs standard 300psi rinses) is monumentally more effective.  An even flow distribution makes it safe by equalizing pressure on surface tension. Its gentle but firm enough to get the job done.

Great for pet rugs.. high-traffic rugs.. and all washable rugs.


     I m p r o v e m e n t s :

  • Fringe

  • Binding

  • Hole Repair
  • Reweaving
  • Rug underlay..padding.. for cushion or comfort.. path wear prevention.
  • Wrapping for Storage 
  • Color Restoration
  • Advanced Spot Care
  • Heavy-Duty StainGard
  • Dry-cleaning

           A work of art worth preserving..

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             ORIENTAL RUGS are made in Asia..From the Orient..The Far East.. China and Vietnam in the east to Turkey, Maghreb countries, Cyprus and Iran in the west and the Caucasus in the north to India in the south. People from different cultures, countries, racial groups and religious faiths are involved in the production of oriental rugs. Oriental rugs are organized by origin: Persian rugs, Arab rugs, Anatolian rugs, Kurdish rugs, Caucasian rugs, Central Asian rugs, Turkestanian (Turkmen, Turkoman) rugs, Chinese rugs, Tibetan rugs and Indian rugs. An authentic oriental rug is a handmade carpet that is either knotted with pile or woven without pile.
             AREA RUGS are power-loomed factory-made like modern clothing is today. The dyes are clothing dyes (electro-static).. not ancient vegetable dyes . Modern dyes seem to be more resistant to color runs and fade. Styles vary between oriental rug art & modern design themes.



Expert WASH / Final PoweRINSE


MaxWash 3100  Way above standard (300psi) systems.



          Absolutely the best cleaning in the Houston area



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