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 Captain Jack has given his life to navigating the waterways of this world just as his fathers before him . Rugs from all over the world..he has a fine collection we have maintained these many years.  

       His days at sea are behind him now but very much in the look of his eyes as he gazes out the expansive bay window. Near his chair is an ancient pilot wheel solidly bolted to the floor. He naturally reaches for it and smoothly rises to greet us. 

        His knarly hands still grip like a vice and his eyes twinkle with positive energy. I am in the presence of a well preserved maverick who has undoubtedly piloted many a storm with a passion and fury.

        Looking down the small hill just below are two wild undisturbed stock ponds that have the look of a botannical garden in their arrangement. A huge knarly willow tree hangs low over the water where the trunk forks and a solid thick flat board is nailed between them..perfectly set over the water...well-shaded..the perfect spot for fishing ..Tiny wood ducks paddle about under the tree. A beaver sized nutria shows itself for a moment and fades back out of view. A sizeable water moccasin wriggles gracefully across the waters near the shore where a fat turtle suns itself on a big tree root that taps deep into the water. . There..a kingfisher flys by with a small fish in its sharp beak. A mockingbird dives at the snake which poses a threat to its fledglings perched in a blueberry tree..almost ready to take to the wind. Its a symphony of nature going down there.. The waters are stirring with life. 

       Just then a monster bass clears the water and lands with a splash.  wow!  I think out loud..I sure do love to fish.

       Cap Jack says he stocked those ponds years back with good fish and now they need to be thinned out because of overcrowding. Nowadays he is just not able to get down there and catch those big fish. I told him how much I love to fish. Give it a try son he says.. Just follow that cow out for those mama cotton mouths with their little baby snakes..she is real protective ..wear boots for sure.

       Just then another big fish clears the water and lands right into the jaws of about about an eight foot alligator. I turn to ol 'cap.. his smilin' eyes twinklin'  like the deep blue sea.."You know cap I think it would be a good idea to add a Louisville slugger to my fishin' tackle . That baseball bat has been part of my home defense program for a long time but I think it would be nice to carry along just in case gators and snakes won't let me mind my own business."

Nodding his head with an impish smile he says. ..Yep.



 Customer : Happy multi-ethnic business team celebrating a sucess

A clinic near Spring had a very soiled waiting room rug badly in need of cleaning. It was time to get those walls painted too.

    The rug was a challenge but persistance pays and the day came to return it.

       Everybody seemed in good spirits. Christmas tree was up in the corner. Music was booming softly thru some nice speakers. Nothing like the scent of a freshly cut evergreen.

      Tiny lights were twinkling amidst ornaments and seemed to be in harmony with the music. A sparkling ornament was being placed on the tree by a cheerful woman dressed in hospital scrubs. She was singing..Nice choir voice. Mom had a voice like that when I was a kid ... She was a choir leader and those holidays were very special.

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Strange and peculiar events usually occur in fiction tales not believable everyday life. This story simply should not have happened..but weirdness does occur sometimes in the real world. They call it the Unexplained. I call it unbelievable. 

     Just got back to Houston from an amazing wedding in called Garden of the Gods.  The air here was actually cool and crispy. Halloween time. 

      Saturday morning..Customer out near Magnolia. Pulled up to a Victorian style mansion ..

      Two open French doors on the west side of the house..a soprano voice was in fine tune. Yelled out a hello at the doors and could see that the soprano was a lovely Cockatoo parrot  bobbing up and down and fanning its crown of feathers. 

       The lady was right there in the center of the room and gave us a warm greeting. In a big french chair just to the right of her was a gorgeous white persian cat curled up peacefully just as it had been the year before. 

       Well I guess the second cat box worked" I said as I sniffed the foul cat smell. She had been very upset the year before at her very expensive white persian cat for misbehaving on her fine rugs. I looked over at the cat glad to see that the second cat box did the trick but she sadly shook her head and said.." did not work".

        Confused..I looked over at the cat ..looked back at her..looked back at the cat..and she said. Well he really was such a beautiful cat and I could not part with I had him stuffed. The parrot stopped singing. It got really quiet there for a moment. 

         Then I remembered Roy Rogers..good save..and how he had his horse Trigger stuffed at some point..for viewing. I mentioned that quickly hoping to diffuse the tension and soften the horror that was kind of creeping up in me. Come to think of it..My old 35 pound cat at home had just recently broken a nice vase at home but he was still my buddy..but to the pride of his feral breed he also hit that cat box every time like a pro. Of course he was free because he wandered into my yard one day as a kitten out of nowhere and even made friends with my dogs..but that is another story. Well anyway he was a beautiful cat to me..but stuffed..never.

          All of a sudden the parrot started singing like an opera star. He was a very beautiful and talented bird. 

           You know .. reflecting back ..I think that was the best work we had ever done.        

       Well anyway..trying to make a long story short..A few days later we received another call from another customer who had struggled with a similar cat training problem the year before.  She was wanting to go ballistic on that darn cat  that had fouled the rugs as I recalled and I was very glad to be on her good side at that moment as you will see.. I  then looked over at her common everyday variety common short haired black and white cat curled up under the Christmas tree. And I looked closer not believing what my eyes were seeing. 

That poor cat was stuffed ..very badly stuffed..crudely stitched like Frankenstein's monster. .I said nothing. Nothing at all as I looked at her and she kind of weirdly smiled. 

      Truth can be strange..and even a little creepy at times.  Well you know.. repeat a true story or put a peculiar truth in a script and  and it may be considered unbelievable or even rediculous. Oh well. 

     So moving along here..we got to Tomball and a good ol boy past customer just smiled and said  just what makes my day..he said..

Rugs look good .. 

Well that was not all he said. Got to hear a joke and to me it was rediculously funny at that moment in time. Timing is everything. . right?

He says.. What do you call a boomerang that don't come back. I said..whut? And he said..

Stick .. 

      That one works every time for me ..when things get just way too serious.

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  Flood : floodGalveston O Galveston !  I can see your sands a shiftin'..I can see your landscape driftin'

Oh Galveston..                                                                                                                                           

 Dog Running on Wooden Dock Followed by Three Woman Near Trees

  Every day rain or shine ..walk the dog in Memorial Park. Told my neighbor walkin' friend about you. 
She said she would call. I'm sure she will after she sees these rugs.  They look really good!


     grandma: ooh a nice glass of milk for a pretty woman senior

Before writing the check for our services my dear dear elderly customer turned to me from the small antique desk in her study walled with shelves and shelves of well-read books..she turned to me and reflecting  softly know Duane its been 25 years your father and you have been cleaning my (18) oriental rugs..

      Of course the ancient grandfather clock in the hall struck 1  in the afternoon right after she said that.. not three or five minutes just had to be right then ya know. Gong ! 

Time sure flys.


 Oak Tree : Little girl stands at the base of a very large oak tree and looks up. Stock Photo   ..a front blasted out of the warm Gulf waters into a hot Woodlands  night bringing  a magnificent summer storm..       

Miss V stood in front of her big old ranch house bay window  and watched the approaching flash and thunder coming her way..

and she stood there watching and waiting.

     The tallest biggest mighty oak  in the Woodlands planted generations back when they homesteaded that land stood strong in the wind. 

       A big flash of chain lightnening and a big boom and enough of that time to go to bed ..she turned and walked quickly to the hall way on the far side of the room behind her that led to her bed room. Good thing she did because..

      Just as she entered the short hall to her cozy bedroom a loud crushing crash came from the room she had just left. Shards of glass pelted the wall just where she had been a stride before at the hall entrance. Close call.

        She stood in the hall trying to collect her senses.. afraid to look back in the room. Slowly she peered back into the room to see what had happened. The room was loud with rain sound.

       Just where she had been standing moments before lay that mighty oak suspended by the brickwall that supported the bay window.  It hovered right over her big oriental rug now covered with glass and oak debris and soaking  with rain .

      The next day she call us just as she had done year after year before but the situation quite different. The rug survived the ordeal and so did she..and the ancient oak..well she thought it would make some nice furniture. 




COWGIRL PRESENTING: model presenting showcasing with hand

Customer out in Bellaire remarks to her gentle pit bull. Ya know Mo.. That patch looks better than that ugly hole. Not a perfect match but it blends in and looks less noticeable..its better. I think my Gran would have surely approved..


 Rug Sew : Hands work a hook in hug hooking craft.








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Expert WASH / Final PoweRINSE


MaxWash 3100  Way above standard (300psi) systems.



                                                     Absolutely the best cleaning in the Houston area


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Enlarged photo of a Dust Mite commonly found in rugs. Our Power Rinse (3100psi vs standard 300psi rinses) is monumentally more effective.  An even flow distribution makes it safe by equalizing pressure on surface tension. Its gentle but firm enough to get the job done.

Great for pet rugs.. high-traffic rugs.. and all washable rugs.


     I m p r o v e m e n t s :

  • Fringe

  • Binding

  • Hole Repair
  • Reweaving
  • Rug underlay..padding.. for cushion or comfort.. path wear prevention.
  • Wrapping for Storage 
  • Color Restoration
  • Advanced Spot Care
  • Heavy-Duty StainGard
  • Dry-cleaning

           A work of art worth preserving..

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             ORIENTAL RUGS are made in Asia..From the Orient..The Far East.. China and Vietnam in the east to Turkey, Maghreb countries, Cyprus and Iran in the west and the Caucasus in the north to India in the south. People from different cultures, countries, racial groups and religious faiths are involved in the production of oriental rugs. Oriental rugs are organized by origin: Persian rugs, Arab rugs, Anatolian rugs, Kurdish rugs, Caucasian rugs, Central Asian rugs, Turkestanian (Turkmen, Turkoman) rugs, Chinese rugs, Tibetan rugs and Indian rugs. An authentic oriental rug is a handmade carpet that is either knotted with pile or woven without pile.
             AREA RUGS are power-loomed factory-made like modern clothing is today. The dyes are clothing dyes (electro-static).. not ancient vegetable dyes . Modern dyes seem to be more resistant to color runs and fade. Styles vary between oriental rug art & modern design themes.



Expert WASH / Final PoweRINSE


MaxWash 3100  Way above standard (300psi) systems.



          Absolutely the best cleaning in the Houston area



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