Rug Cleaning SINCE 1926
 Rug Cleaning SINCE 1926
variety of ancient oriental carpets Stock Photo - 10405247Duane's Oriental Rug Cleaning 
Houston Since 1926
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CLEANING COST @ $3SF    3x5 $45    4x6 $72   5x7 $105  6x9 $162   
8x10 $240   9x12 $324  10x14 $420   12x15 $540           High Soil Wash $4sf                   
For food spills..Pet issues..odors,stains,soil paths..moths,beetles
Selective Focus Photography Of Black And White CatFor all types of rugs..orientals or power loomed design rugs..all types of rugs

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 Knowing what  to do  and what not to do  is key to good cleaning

 Oriental rugs  have so many  unique peculiarities in dyes and materals that require special attention for safe and effective cleaning.  attn..focus on the specifics 

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For example..Turkish rugs sometimes have sensitive red dyes..this can not to be ignored and requires a different approach than industry cleaning provides.

Another situation could be..mid 1980s Chinese rugs can have sensitive surface pile that can not withdstand standard industry cleaning techniques. Otherwise they are subject to permanent scratches and texture changes. Also a careful cautionary approach is needed when moving furniture or vacuuming with extension tools or rubbing stains too vigorously when blotting or pets clawing the pile. . abrasion factors that result in often permanent scratches. Side note here..Antique Chinese rugs prior to the communist revolution do not behave this way but more like Persian rugs resisting abrasion admirably. During that 11 year trade embargo on Iran traditional Persian rugs could not be imported to American soil not even via other countries and were denied entry at customs. So of course a niche market was copened to replace the void.. Rumanian Tabriz rugs produced during the trade embargo were just not the same quality as prior rugs from other sources. Weak binding seemed to be a key fault. .and a rough texture. . Colors seemed muted.

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Another example of discrepancies..Chinese rug manufacrturers copied the popular Persian designs and filled the market void for that time period. The patterns were simplified mimics of the often religious and cultural symbolism native to Persian rugs .. However the copy rugs still Chinese in dye,weave and material content and had to be cleaned with the same regards to knap abrasion and chemically sensitive dyes not affected by authentic Persian rugs...factors that can not be disregarded due to permanent knap changes and shrinkage problems. But dealing with Chinese and Persian rug differences for so many years we were able to spot the mistaken identities and clean appropriately for type and kind. We were able to focus on the condition and apply it the appropriate solution avoidin what was a common cleaning fiasco in the cleaning industry.. And now reflecting t last scenario ..dhurry rugs are sometimes copied by cheap manufacturers and the dyes unstable compared to original dhurry rugs. Subtle differences have to be observed to apply the best cleaning technique for the best results. At this point we should mention in regards to machine loomed rugs..Caution in dealing with glued backings on some machine made rugs is key to good cleaning results.

713 290 9600
llar.. Material content natural or chemically preconditioned..preshrunk or unshrunk backing materials and other variables
 eThe main objective is perfecting your craft..Mediterranean Style : traditional greek streets with small tavernas 
And that just takes time and experience..often generations to get it the art of making fine wines . Nuff said.

   Our early ancestors were incredible survivors. They foraged for nuts and fruit and hunted dangerous animals for food and other useful items. The skins and furs were used not only for clothing but bedding and to carpet cold cavern floors. These also softened the echoes bouncing off those hard rock walls. In time those floor coverings evolved into the hand crafted rugs we know today many which can accurately be considered floor art or beautiful wall hangings. 

Gray Concrete Pavement Between Tall Buildings
Crafting cultures formed as trade routes developed and rugs became an important commodity. Crafting remained faithful to tradition virtually unchanged today though millenia have come and gone. The same natural materials are generally used ..even designs remain faithful to the ancient rug crafting traditions. Here in these modern times synthetic materials have been introduced in handmade rugs .Synthetics take a long time to break down in nature..appx 5000 years. Organic materials breakdown much quicker. Moths who love munching on your favorite wool rug find synthetics unappetizing..a big plus for acrylic,nyon and other polymers commonly used in machine made rugs. Synthetics shed water and dry faster when wet. The synthetic modern electrostatic dyes are usually color fast . Dye is usually blended in with the polymer when manufactured not topically applied like with organic materials. Constant exposure of ultraviolet ..the sunlight hitting a part of a rug near a window everday usually causes fade on natural materials much faster. The comfort appeal in synthetics is fairly comparable with acrylics engineered to imitate plushy wool . Arylic is often percieved as indistinguishable from wool at first sight but when viewed at an approximately 35% angle with a backlit source have an uncommonly high sheen compared to wool. A test of type reveals synthetic fibers melt into hard plastic blobs when heated unlike wool which crumbles like charred wood. Nuff said. An authentic oriental rug is hand knotted and woven with or without pile. Oriental fringe is usually a continuous part of the weave and not sewn on unless its a replacement fringe. The binding is hand yarned and looks natural not machine perfect . The designs are not always identical copies in repeating patterns but reflect subtle imperfections.These subtle imperfections are a key marketable feature that defines authenticity of handmade rugs. Subtle imperfections are now being cleverly programmed into machine made rugs. They look great but like early cgi animated images in movies ..will improve with time. 

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Pro Rug Cleaning Since 1926 make you feel at home.. yep they do..downright cozy in fact..
 Western Hemisphere rugs (occidental means west..) are still traditionally handmade by native North and South American peoples . Synthetic    reproductions of tribal rugs are popular tourist souvenirs .

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With the advent of the industrial age Machine made rugs were mass produced with the help of automated power llooms. It has become a sophisticated alternative to pricey handmade rugs and offer comparable comfort and even moreso modern trendy upbeat designs. Today with the help of computer robotronics  the status of machine made rugs almost equals their handmade counterparts and some are even considered quite sophisticated by designers for the rich and famous. Admittedly the styles and designs have become pretty awesome due to computer transmogrifications... graphic art designs ,traditional design reproductions, art nouveau... all computer driven themes  honestly make for great art designs . . and the quality..ain't bad by no frontiers.
 I would say durability is a big plus in machine made rugs. Strong synthetic fibers.No moth problems. Stable dyes. Cost efficient comparatively..and crazy cool designs. 
So many kinds of oriental rugs .. Persian ,Arab , Romanian,Turkish,Anatolian rugs,Kurdish..Caucasis Rugs, Central Asian, Turkistani.. Turkmen,Turkoman.Chinese,Tibetan,Indian rugs..


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Imperial Dragon (blue) 8 x 10

Aerial View of Green Mountain

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Yesss ! Inspirationallll !

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 variety of ancient oriental carpets Stock Photo - 10405247So many kinds of oriental rugs .. Persian ,Arab , Romanian,Turkish,Anatolian rugs,Kurdish..Caucasis Rugs, Central Asian, Turkistani.. Turkmen,Turkoman.Chinese,Tibetan,Indian rugs..

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 Helphint to reduce rug wear .. 

.Turn the rug reverse pathways

.Move furniture around to redirect walkways ..or do both 

3x5 $45    4x6  $72   5x7 $105    6x9   $162:                            
8x10 $240    9x12 $324   10x14  $420 
12x15  $540   


CARPET Defined

i  ..a textile floor covering consisting of an upper layer of pile attached to a backing made from synthetic and organic fibers like wool,polypropylene,nylon,polyester.. usually twisted tufts often heat treated to maintain structure..

Wall to wall carpet floor covering..a civilized alternative to

bare concrete or damaged appreciable improvement.

 carpeting: carpet and laminate choice for interior 

..for wood or tile flooring in good condition..

Economic and tasteful alternative to expensive oriental rugs..

Computer Technology is now creating realistic oriental rug themes

with subtle imperfections programmed into design to mimic 

traditional rugs.. and Graphic art design rugs lend personality to sterile settings..











Modern Area Rugs can offer a fresh alternative to decorative themes..Triangular Clear Glass-top Coffee Table Vintage Oriental rugs look well preserved..

Antique decor maybe an antique theme fringe.

Modern faux orientals appear more authentic.

Replace that worn out side binding / new yarn

not with fake  looking sew on type.    

A little more on moths

 Moths : closeup of moth insects on a white background Stock Photo

This is the profile of the type of rug moth  most likely to lay eggs and the resultant larvae (caterpillars) that relish your wool products.. ( Use those vacuum attachements to reach under the furniture into the cubby holes where they love to lurk undisturbed and breed. Use fresh aromatic cedar products to repel after cleaning the area. Put in baggies with holes punched in to keep from sucking up with a vaccuum hose or destroying the impeller of your upright vacuum..Photo of Man Sitting on a Cave



Duane's Oriental Rug Cleaning Co Since 1926 Houston,Tx 1521 Antoine  APPOINTMENT ONLY PLEASE !       

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 From fur rugs in caves to fine rugs today.. A timeless tradition           

























































































Houston Since 1926
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COWGIRL PRESENTING: model presenting showcasing with hand

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Cleaning Cost Guideline @ $3Sf            3X5 $45 6X9 $162 10X14 $420     8X10 $240    9X12 $324    5X7 $105     12X15 $540        (High Soil $4sf)
713 290 9600      
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713 290 9600
 Moths : closeup of moth insects on a white background Stock Photo
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senior woman and daughter : Happy senior women making fitness training with dumbbells

Senior Power

Cleaning always 20%ff Selective Focus Photography Of Black And White Cat


a old women walking dogs: Happy elderly woman sitting with labrador retriever in a forest Stock Photo

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Close-up of Drink Served on White Surface
a old women walking dogs: Happy elderly woman sitting with labrador retriever in a forest Stock Photo



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Oriental Rug Cleaning HOUSTON SINCE 1926 Rugs Wash     
HOUSTON SINCE 1926 Area/ Oriental Rug Cleaning 
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Try a second  cat box.. no excuses to be uncivilized


White Vinegar diluted  helps  with  veggie pets...blot carefully



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Establish Invisible Boundaries around your clean rugs  
They can enjoy the rest of the house.. 
 Pet Urine : Sorry sad puppy dog pet shame shit urineWith a 24/7 2 week training period


mild static electric


Pet Training Collar 

Takes about 2 wks to

reprogram and

establish your

15ft periferal clean zone






























































































































































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 Rug Repairwork : Oriental ornate carpet. Persian hand made

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