Oriental Rug Cleaning Co Since 1926 Cleaning Houston Area Rugs
                     Oriental Rug Cleaning Co                  Since 1926           Cleaning Houston Area Rugs



antique living room: Vintage style living room with fireplace and antique wooden cabinet. View of hallway with columns and cozy sitting area.

   Houston Since 1926.. Rug Wash Pros

 Pickup and Delivery is included /Rug Cleaning

   Cleaning for All Types of Rugs Handmade or Domestic:  Persian,Pakistan,IndoPersian,Indian,Chinese,Tibetan,Egyptian, Navajo,Equadoran,Peruvian,Belgium,Karastan,Dhurrie,Imperial Kirmin, Rumanian, Kashan,Tabriz,Heriz,French Tapestry,Indian Chainstich, Nomadic Kilim, N.African Tribal,Isfahan,Khoum,Berber,etc                        Appointment Only  1521 Antoine                                                               713 290 9600

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Not that pricey. Replace fringe Get new binding Patch holes
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Duane's Oriental Rug Cleaning Co  Since 1926    
1521 Antoine (near Ikea) Appt Only Please  

Discount to Seniors always 20% off cleaning..

General Pricing *$3sf reg cleaning $4sf hi-soil rugs

Includes Pick Up and Delivery 

Keep the look..maintainance repairs

   Just A Little Rug Trivia 

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COWGIRL PRESENTING: model presenting showcasing with hand

Rugs come from a rich variety of unique cultures around the world..from places like China, Turkey, Cypress,Viet Nam..

 ..then go west to the Caucasus,north to India,Pakistan  to the south.


rug making cultures 

Mediterranean Style : traditional greek streets with small tavernas MEDITERRANEAN MARKETPLACE: NICOSIA, CYPRUS - DECEMBER 3: People shopping at open-air market on Arasta street, a touristic street leading to Selimiye mosque in central Nicosia on December 3, 2015. Editorial








Persian rugs, Arab rugs, Anatolian rugs,Kurdish,Caucasus Rugs, Central Asian,Turkistan..(Turkmen,Turkoman) Chinese,Tibetan,India rugs..wow! so many kinds.. 

An authentic oriental rug is a handmade carpet ..either knotted with pile or woven without pile.

rugs: variety of ancient oriental carpets

       A carpet is a textile floor covering consisting of an upper layer of pile attached to a backing. The pile is generally made from wool or man made fiber like polypropylene,nylon,polyester and usually consists of twisted tufts often heat treated to maintain their structure..

carpeting: carpet and laminate choice for interior













Traditional Persian carpets made from natural wool Stock Photo - 2096230

Carpet binding is a term used for any material being applied to the edge of a carpet to make a rug. Carpet binding is usually cotton or nylon, but also comes in many other materials, such as leather. Non-synthetic binding is frequently used with bamboo,grass and wool rugs, but is often used with carpet made from other materials. Rug fringe is either a part of the rug weave in oriental rugs or sewn on if machine made.



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 .Rug Padding.. non-slip safety &comfort Rug Pest Defenses.. Storage Hints... 

We clean em all ! 

  Modern Design Rugs
 ,Oriental  Rugs..
All Types...Persian ,
Turkish, Indian, Chinese,
Egyptian,Russian Caucasus,American Navajo,Equadoran,Peruvian,
Belgium,Karastan,Dhurrie,Kashan,Tabriz,Kirmin,French Tapestries,Koum,Isfahan,Nomadic Berber and Synthetic mimics

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For life's little messes..Call Duane


713 290 9600


 Rug Repairwork : Oriental ornate carpet. Persian hand made

A little more..
Rug Moth Trivia

 Moths : closeup of moth insects on a white background Stock Photo

This is the profile of the type of rug moth  most likely to lay eggs and the resultant larvae (caterpillars) that relish your wool products.. ( Use those vacuum attachements to reach under the furniture into the cubby holes where they love to lurk undisturbed and breed. Use fresh aromatic cedar products to repel after cleaning the area. Put in baggies with holes punched in to keep from sucking up with a vaccuum hose or destroying the impeller of your upright vacuum..
TMI ..PROTECT YOUR VACUUM IMPELLER..my what?! Its a tough little fan that creates suction inside the device. Sometimes hard objects drawn up inside can break the blades.. Best to police the area for likely objects to avoid this before vacuuming. More helps forthcoming..
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